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Big Toolbar Button

Tuned Listener
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Big Toolbar Button

Hello Everyone, I has used the following code below to add a button to the big toolbar in ACT! I was just wondering, is there a way to modify it so I can pick what positions it is, so I can say put it next to the history button, also on the big toolbar the email button has a little arrow next to it that drops down additional options, how can i add that feature to my button?




            'Add your own button to the big toolbar

            actApp.RegisterCommand("act-ui://com.act/application/MyCommands/NewButton​0", New Act.UI.CommandHandler(AddressOf NewButton0_Clicked), Act.UI.RegisterType.Shell)

            Dim button AsCommandBarButton = NewCommandBarButton("My Button", "Tooltip here", Nothing, "act-ui://com.act/application/MyCommands/NewButton​0", Nothing, Nothing, Act.UI.Core.CommandBarControl.ItemDisplayStyle.ImageAndText, True)

            'dont forget to change some of the above to add your own icons etc


                'just incase its already there remove it

                actApp.Explorer.CommandBarCollection("ACT! Toolbar").ControlCollection.Remove(button)

            Catch ex AsException


                'now add it

                actApp.Explorer.CommandBarCollection("ACT! Toolbar").ControlCollection.Add(button)