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Best way to pull up the current contact

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Best way to pull up the current contact

Can anyone provide me with the C# code that can pull up the active contact record and that contact's name and address? I suppose it is two steps: Find the current contacts guid, then search on that guid for name and address.




Frank Buell
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Re: Best way to pull up the current contact


Dim c As Contact = ActApp.ApplicationState.CurrentContact

so in c# thats something like: c Contact = ActApp.ApplicationState.CurrentContact;

this gets the current contact.. then to get the fields

c.FullName or c.FirstName c.LastName

to get the address its like

ActApp.ApplicationState.CurrentContact.ContactFields("TBL_CONTACT.BUSINESS_CITY", 0)

so i think c# is something like 

ActApp.ApplicationState.CurrentContact.ContactFields["TBL_CONTACT.BUSINESS_CITY", 0];


sorry im rusty on my C# conversion from VB