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Azure Setup performance issues

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Azure Setup performance issues

Currently we have Act! v22 Web Premium and it is installed on a 2016 Datacenter VM in Azure. Clients are using web Client and accessing. The users want to use the desktop application, all going over a VPN.  The desktop client is slow, actually not usable. The web client doesn't have all the plugins or third party addin's available that the desktop has.


I do not want terminal services. I am looking for a better way to utilize Act! for self hosted cloud.





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Re: Azure Setup performance issues

The diagnostics log outputs query hashes of queries that affected the performance and resource consumption percentages. You can use this information as a starting point for optimizing your database workload. In particular, you can optimize the queries that affect the performance degradation by adding indexes. Or you can optimize applications with a more even workload distribution. If you're unable to reduce workloads or make optimizations, consider increasing the pricing tier of your SQL database subscription to increase the amount of resources available.

If you have reached the available session limits, you can optimize your applications by reducing the number of logins made to the database. If you're unable to reduce the number of logins from your applications to the database, consider increasing the pricing tier of your database. Or you can split and move your database into multiple databases for a more balanced workload distribution.