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Automaticaly Run a Report

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Automaticaly Run a Report

I'm trying to get a report to print automaticaly at 3:30 every day. It's from the server, so the ACT client won't be running at the time (and I'd like it to close afterward).

I've looked at the ACT! scheduler, and it seems to only do maintinence tasks.

My best case senario is if you could run it from the command line, like so:


actsage.exe /user /password report.rep options


That you could put in a batch file and attach to the windows command scheduler. I'd also be happy if there was a com interface I could hook into using WSH.

Currently, my thinking is along the lines of writing a vb script run through WSH that opens ACT normaly, then starts sending key strokes to it, I've done it before with other applications, but this is messy, inefficent and prone to interuption.


We're running ACT! 11 on windows server 2003, and the report is a custom group report.