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Autocreate note for opportunity created in 2010

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Autocreate note for opportunity created in 2010

Good Morning,


I was hoping someone could help me out with a simple task. I auto creat opportunities via the SDK. I am doing this fine. I need to create a note for each of the created opps. I have included the code i am using to acheive this, but am getting an unable to create note error. Any help would be appreciated.



Guid[] AddedOpportunities = { _backMaintainceOpportunity.ID }; Company.UpdateOpportunities(AddedOpportunities, null); Act.Framework.Notes.Note n = _actFramework.Notes.CreateNote(); n.NoteText = "Maint. is paid through - " + SupportPaidThrough; n.Update(); Act.Framework.Opportunities.OpportunityList ol = n.OpportunityList; Guid[] OpportunityNotes = { n.ID }; _backMaintainceOpportunity.UpdateGroups(OpportunityNotes, null); //Set the note for the opportunity _backMaintainceOpportunity.GetNotes = "Maint. is paid through - " + _company.CUST_SupportPaidThrough_030949814.ToString();