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Auto Generation of contact ID

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Auto Generation of contact ID

Hi All,


    I am New to Act. I wanted to know is it possible to create field contact Id in which id should increment automatically using SDK or is there any addons for this..


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Re: Auto Generation of contact ID

While each ACT! record has its own GUID, if you are trying to also have an addtional field (named Contact ID?), then you could use a product named Account Number Generator, available from The New Hampton Group, to provide a sequential number (as well as lots of other options on how the "number" is generated.)  Check it out at


Hope that helps,


Geoff Blood ("The ACT! Customizer" )
The New Hampton Group

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Re: Auto Generation of contact ID

I have a client who is looking for a way to auto-number either their contacts or companies. I have downloaded/installed the Account Number Generator plug in, but it doesn't seem to do what they want.


Their specific request is to start the numbering sequence at 15,000 and increment up from there. They want to be able to choose when to assign the number as every contact/company will not be numbered. Also, it would be best if we could limit who can assign the number so that we don't have a problem with duplication since they currently have 5 remote databases that sync.


If anyone has a suggested product that can accomplish this please reply to this post. 

Wendy Cummins
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