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Attachments I Give! Sage you got me AGAIN!

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Attachments I Give! Sage you got me AGAIN!

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When I open a form such as notes or history I can traverse every field in the form and only ocassionally do I have to cast an object to get to it's value for validation but the attachment file name and the attachment file path are killing me. HOW do I get at these values? I can see how to delete an attachment, add a new filename and path and save but to get at what is currently there??? Going at it via the form is frustrating as I can see the values I want to get at but can't figure out how to get to them as the Cast I want to use Sage doesn't provide in the API so far as I can tell.



Debugger Screen Shot

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Re: Attachments I Give! Sage you got me AGAIN!

If I understand your question correctly this could help.


This is framework level and not UI but have you looked into the 'Act.Framework.SupplementalFiles' namespace?


Admittedly, I haven’t looked in this area for some time but maybe some of the ‘Attachment’ class properties are what you are looking for?



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