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Assign value to a Readonly field through plugin.

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Assign value to a Readonly field through plugin.

Hi all,


I want to assign a value to a readonly field through plugin.


I am able to assign value to the field


currentContact.ContactFields["TBL_CONTACT.CUST_POSTALCODE_123456789", Act.Framework.MutableEntities.FieldNameType.Real] = "zip 11";



But when I make the field readonly it does not asigns value to that field.


One solution is that give admin user Full Permission for this field and make this field Readonly for the others.

But as I am running a plugin (there are other things also that I am doing through this plugin so I need to use plugin only) it will run under logged in user's context.So giving rights to admin is not useful in this case.


 User should  not be able to type in this field and the field should get assigned a value through my plugin code, How I can achieve this?


Can anyone help me out in this?


Thanx in advance.