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Assembly/DLL problem

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Assembly/DLL problem

In Visual Studio I have referenced the .dlls that I could find for ACT.  I code the following and hit a snag in the code editor:

Sub testit()


Dim fwk As New Act.Framework.Interop.ActFramework

fwk.LogOn("", "", "")


Dim conmgr As New Act.Framework.Interop.ActContactManager

conmgr.CurrentContact()     '**************

End Sub


The second to last line (conmgr.CurrentContact()) creates the following error message:


Reference required to assembly 'Act.Framework, Version 12.0.409.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKey Token=ebf6b2ff4d0a08aa' containing the type 'Act.Framework.Contacts.Contact'.  Add one to your project.


I assume that I should reference 'Act.Framework.dll' but I cannot find it anywhere.  There are many files with 'Act.Framework.SOMETHING.dll' (for example, Act.Framework.Interop.dll), but nothing that reads 'Act.Framwork.dll'


Please help,