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Approach ACT2011 Premium via MsAccess ??

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Approach ACT2011 Premium via MsAccess ??

New innocent starter !


I office 2010 and I was told that with extreme right startpage , choose project, and making the connection to ACT2010,which worked !, I see the form1 as new project, I can drag drop from Contact Database some trial fields to the Form1, but

then I am stuck because the "play"  forward backward does not work, I do not see  any data like company,country (as a start)


I am completely new to working with ACT2011 in this way,I I have Visual Studio 2010 Prof downloaded and tried to

make the same effort. with C# and/or VB, but  no result yet. I bought book C# and C# for dummies, even there bo clear


Can somebody tell me what is wrong?? Do I need ACT SDK (which I have as well)