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when I call:


Dim cl as contact list


cl= app.ApplicationState.CurrentContactList


The order of the contacts as I iterate through them isn't the same as what's displayed on the screen. (Neither are CurrentCompanyList and CurrentGroupList apparently)  Is there anyway to get them in the same sort order?




Mike Fortier

Fortier Consulting, LLC

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Re: ApplicationState.currentContactList

So, I think there are two things going on here.  First, at least on my v11 ACT, the Contact List is default sorted by Company (i.e. when I first click on the Contact List icon).


Second, programatically, you could use the sort method:


Public Sub Sort(ByVal sortCriteria() As Act.Shared.Collections.SortCriteria)

Member of Act.Shared.Collections.DataList(Of T)


and sort by Company - wouldn't that do it?


Richard Brust
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Re: ApplicationState.currentContactList

Yeah, I can sort it myself, but I'm more interested in getting the current sort order of the current Contact/Company/Group list, however the user has it currently sorted. 
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Re: ApplicationState.currentContactList

Hi Mike,


the ContactList object has a get member SortCriteria which returns an array of the current ContactList's SortCriteria. 


SortCriteria[] sCArray = cl.SortCriteria;

foreach(SortCriteria sC in sCArray)







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