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Any way to change the create date?

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Any way to change the create date?

Here is the challenge with my client's database:


They have about 10 thousand contacts that ended up with a Create Date in the future (like way out to the year 1037) - any way to replace those create dates with say, our conversion date? It messes up our Lookups when we want to look at new contacts added since beginning of the year.


This conversion was done in September 2008.


Has anybody already written a utility that will do this for the create date?


David Sunnarborg
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Re: Any way to change the create date?

I'm fairly certain that field is read only and so I don't think it can be modified directly. 


If all of the contacts we want modified have the same create date it may be possible to search for them based on that criteria, export them, remove from the database and re-import, while this doesn't change the create date to a desired date it would change it to today's date. This could be done programmatically or through the application. 

Matthew Wood
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Re: Any way to change the create date?

The only way is to man up and change it directly in SQL using an SA login and a global set to a given data, this is both a violation of the EULA and will make Sage very angry, but if your SQL query is written correctly, is entirely safe.  It also has the benefit of being very very fast, altho all your create dates would be identical, but hey, at least they wouldn't be in the future.



Nick Bohne
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