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Another possible bug in 18.2 update?

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Another possible bug in 18.2 update?



Looks like something has been changed in the latest update. I have Act Premium (web) version, Update 1

I create activity in the code and I use the ActivityId of newly created activity later in the code. After assigning additional values and updating the activity, the ActivityId which is saved in database, is different than the one i get after creation.

Until now - ActivityId of new, created activity was always the same with ActivityId saved in database after Update().


Here is my code:


ActivityTemplate newActivity = ActFramework.Activities.CreateActivity();  

//after above line i get for example: newActivity.ActivityId = a8ce73bd-3f80-4312-a955-f65cc0325a87


//now i set some values


newActivity.Regarding = "SDK Test Activity";


//after above line, ActivityId of activity saved in database has different value, for example "6225df2d-36e6-4a0d-9DD1-5eb2db97dfce". All other values are correct

But ActivityId on my newActivity object remains the same as after creation and this is causing problems because this ActivityId doesn't exist in the database.


This code was working fine for many years. I tested the code with Act Premium (Web) version and is working fine.


Has anyone experienced this with the latest update? Any idea?






Champion Listener
Posts: 34
Country: Canada

Re: Another possible bug in 18.2 update?

Can anyone from Swiftpage confirm this issue?


We receive reports from users with Act! v18.1 Update 3 too. Looks like the issue appears for the first time with this update. Our addon doesn't work properly.

I tested on versions before Update 3 and it is fine.


Any thoughts on this will be greatly appreciated.