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Am I Missing Documentation

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Am I Missing Documentation

Recent forum viewers will have seen a number of my posts crying out for help doing some pretty fundamental tasks using an external VB.Net application working with an ACT Premium database.  I am a very experienced VB.Net and SQL developer but feel like a babe in the woods trying to discover what should be some basic tasks using the Framework for VB-to-ACT interaction.  I keep thinking that I must be missing some core Rosetta Stone piece of documentation that will point me to what I need.  I want to list the resources that I am using and see if anyone knows of something that I am missing.  I am absolutely not building add-ons, just an external application that needs to search, add, and update the core ACT data tables. 


1. Complete ACT Database structure downloaded from this site.

2. ACT Whitepaper, "Reporting and Data Access Methods"

3. ACT! by Sage 2010 Architecture Reference

4. Various SDK content

    a. Code samples (SDK\Docs\Content\Code Samples)

    b. Code reference (SDK\Docs\Content\Code Reference\ACT! 12.0! CodeReference.chm)


It turns out that most of the functionality I've gotten to work has been by piecing together bits and pieces from a multitude of sources, with the most valuable being individual posts on this forum. 


Thanks in advance.



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Re: Am I Missing Documentation

Looks like you've got the pieces of the puzzle, but as you've discovered more often than not this forums tends to be one of the better resources. The documentation is good, but only goes so far.


Unfortunately there's no secret decoder ring. If you ever have any specific questions don't hesitate to ask. 

Matthew Wood
Act! SDK Support
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