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Alter Company Detail view to show a selection of companies instead of All

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Alter Company Detail view to show a selection of companies instead of All

Hi Folks,

I a pretty sure that this will not be possible, but I wanted to ask the community to confirm my suspicions and seek possible alternatives. I recently merged my companies two separate ACT! databases, one for support, and one for sales. I added a custom field to the contact and company records to reflect which database the records came from. So, I have one complete database where I can perform a lookup based on "Sales" or "Support". The lookup is accurate and essentially works without problems.

Unfortunately, a problem exists for my support department. Their original database had approximately 100 companies that would display when navigating to the company detail view. Now, that the two databases have been merged, they are viewing over 10,000. This has made the company detail view impractical for them to use because of the number of irrelevant (for their needs) entries.

Is there a way to define a lookup for the default Company Detail View? Is there a way to create a view similar to the Company Detail View that could be customized?

The closest alternative that I have found is to create a Group with the relevant sub-groups defined for each client company. The only issue I have encountered with this method is that I am not able to show Company custom fields on the Group layouts. This unfortunately prevents this from being an acceptable solution.

Any assistance or observations regarding this issue will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Alter Company Detail view to show a selection of companies instead of All

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What you describe should be possible with the SDK.

If from what I understand is correct what you’d need is a plugin/addon that returned a specific ‘lookup’ (the original 100 companies) to a CompanyList that populated a custom Form - not using the actual Company Detail View.

Then by double-clicking on the company needed it could go to that Company’s ‘Company Detail Screen’.

Should be fairly straightforward depending on how complicated and features you’d like to add.

Keep in mind that you'd be creating your own form to do this and not making use of the Company Detail View so things could be added/removed as needed.

I would say start with public CompanyList GetCompanies(SortCriteria sortCriteria); In order to return a list to an array in a form and then from there return the selected Company to the need to set your own custom lookup criteria.

You might also want to look into third party addons as something like this could already exist.


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