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Adding buttons to main menu in ACT 12

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Adding buttons to main menu in ACT 12



I would like to add buttons to the top menu in ACT (when installing a plugin) rather than the tool bar.


Also, can we add items to the Welcome page and "Related tasks" section (programmarically).


Can this be done?


Sam Khoury


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Re: Adding buttons to main menu in ACT 12

If by the top menu you're referring to the "big buttons" found at the top that are visible on the welcome page, and not the navbars then those aren't currently exposed by the SDK. Unfortunately I believe the same is true for the left hand section including related tasks. However, the welcome page can be modified by editing ACT_Home.htm, and Data.XML both found in the program files directory in the home and XML folder respectively.
Matthew Wood
Act! SDK Support
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Re: Adding buttons to main menu in ACT 12

[ Edited ]

Download the Durkin SDK for our Durkin Toolkit and you could do it using our ACT APP functions like so: 

Durkin.Common.Classes.ACTAPPFunctions.AddBigEasyButton(Me.SmartNotes_urn_ToolBar, String.Empty, "New Sticky Note...", New Act.UI.CommandHandler(AddressOf BigEasyButton_Clicked), Me.HostApplication,  0, True, myicon32) 

Since the Big Easy buttons are officially exposed via the ACT SDK we cannot guarantee compatibility with future versions of ACT!.  We use this feature in our core products and we will try to maintain compatibility at all time with future versions. Check out SNFA creates a new button on the big easy toolbar. 

To download the Durkin SDK Durkin Software Developers Kit (SDK) is a bridge provided by Durkin Computing that enables other software developers to integrate their custom code into the ACT! and the Durkin Toolkit. Our SDK provides a set of developments tools allowing;  additional interface elements such as menu and buttons to be added directly into the ACT!/Toolkit interface providing an end-to-end solutions for your business needs.  

The Durkin SDK provides starter templates in Visual Studio to create your first ACT! add-on. C# and VB templates are available. 

Contact me directly if you have any questions. 

-- Jim Durkin


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