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Adding History to a Group

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Adding History to a Group

Does anyone know where I can find some C# code to add history to a group?  I basically want to add a history record saying that an email has gone out. 


I would prefer to look up the group by GUID, but can also look it up by name.  I can't find an example anywhere.



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Re: Adding History to a Group

Hi rlieving69,


Here is a possible way, I've been a bit lazy in getting all the params for the CreateHistory method but hopefully you can get those values...if not let me know and we can work through it. I've done it without intellisense so excuse any typos...


ActFramework oFram = new ActFramework();oFram.Logon(...);Guid groupID = xxxx; //whatever the guid for the required group is!Guid activityClearedId;HistoryType histType;bool isPrivate;DateTime displayDate;DateTime endDate;string regarding;string details;Attachment att;Guid grantorID;GroupList gList = oFram.Groups.GetGroupsByID(null,new Guid[]({groupID}));oFram.Histories.CreateHistory(gList, histType, isPrivate,displayDate,endDate,regarding,details,att,grantorID);




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