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ActivityManager's CreateActivityComplete event is not fired.

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ActivityManager's CreateActivityComplete event is not fired.

I need the CreateActivityComplete event to fire when an activity is created, for an Act! add-on.

But this event is never fired. 

I've already mentioned this a few years ago in this unanswered topic:


Please have a look at this.


My code:


private void IPlugin.OnLoad(ActApplication application)
            // hold on to the application
            actApplication = application;

            // be sure to keep track of when a user logs in or is logged out
            Controller.Instance.actApp.AfterLogon += new EventHandler(Application_AfterLogon);
            Controller.Instance.actApp.BeforeLogoff += new EventHandler(Application_BeforeLogoff);


private void Application_AfterLogon(object sender, EventArgs e)
        actApplication.ActFramework.Activities.CreateActivityComplete += Activities_CreateActivityComplete;

private void Activities_CreateActivityComplete(Act.Framework.Activities.IActivity activity)
        // never reaches this!

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Re: ActivityManager's CreateActivityComplete event is not fired.

Here is what I use. Sorry it was back in the day I used VB.



AddHandler HostFramework.Activities.CreateActivityComplete, AddressOf ActivityCreateComplete
    Private Sub ActivityCreateComplete(ByVal ActivityTemplate As Act.Framework.Activities.IActivity)
            ' ACT passes us an ActivityTemplate.
            ' Get the actually activity
            Dim Activity As Act.Framework.Activities.Activity
            Activity = Durkin.Common.Classes.Activities.GetActivityByGuid(Me.HostFramework, ActivityTemplate.ActivityId, Act.Framework.Activities.FirstInstanceRestriction.FirstOccurrence, True)

            Dim aGuid(0) As System.Guid
            aGuid(0) = ActivityTemplate.ActivityId

            Dim cActivityList As ActivityList
            cActivityList = HostFramework.Activities.GetActivityInstancesByActivityId(aGuid)

Catch ex As Exception LogError.Write(ex, "CreateActivityComplete") End Try End Sub


Jim Durkin