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Activity feature requests

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Activity feature requests

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Here are a few feature requests for activies in the SDK.


1) Support the weekend day recurring option.   



2) Support for a numered recurring end date rather then a end date. "Every Friday for the next ten weeks"  rather then "Every Friday till 03//14/2010"

       Rather then having to figure out the exact date the user can just enter the numer of activities he/she want to schedule.


3) Another parameter set forn ScheduleNewActivity() that supports all fields like

Public Shared Function NewActivity(ByVal HostFramework As Act.Framework.ActFramework, _

        ByVal ActivityType As ActivityType, _

        ByVal StartTime As DateTime, _

        ByVal EndTime As DateTime, _

        ByVal ScheduledFor As Act.Framework.CalendarDelegates.CalendarDelegateGrantor, _

        ByVal Regarding As String, _

        ByVal Location As String, _


        ByVal Details As String, _

        ByVal Priority As String, _

        ByVal BannerColor As Drawing.Color, _

        ByVal Alarmed As Boolean, _

        ByVal AlarmLeadMinutes As Integer) As Boolean


Maybe even attachments also Smiley Happy



4) The ability to  attach a recurring pattern to an existing activity just like the ActivityTemplate.

     Dim NewRecurSpec As New Act.Framework.Activities.ActivityRecurSpec



Thanks for your ear.


-- Jim Durkin 

Message Edited by jimdurkin on 01-06-2010 03:31 PM
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Re: Activity feature requests

Thanks for the feedback.