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Activity: How to set "Associate With"

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Activity: How to set "Associate With"

Hi all


I have code working well to set a new Activity with most variables now included, but how do you set Associated With??


I want to link a specific Group to the Activity


I tried to cycle though the Group List until the group matches


                            GroupList gl1 = ActApplication.Instance.ActFramework.Groups.GetGroups(null);
                            MutableEntityFieldDescriptor gName = ActApplication.Instance.ActFramework.Groups.GetMutableEntityFieldDescriptor("TBL_GROUP.NAME", true);
                            string glname1 = "";
                            foreach (Group g1 in gl1)
                                string glname3 = gName.GetValue(g1).ToString();
                                if (glname1 == glname3) { aTemplate.SetGroups(glname1); }

But it does not like




this bit


Any ideas??

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