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ActFlexGrid access the Contact from a row

Tuned Listener
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ActFlexGrid access the Contact from a row

I am trying to find a way in the contact list to get all the selected/highlighted contacts in a contactlist so i can perform some actions on the selected items only. I found a way to access the Act.Shared.Windows.Forms.ActFlexGrid control as was able to go through the rows and pull cell data but no way to access the associated with that row. Right now i am forced to pull the contact name from the contact cell and do a lookup and add that to my custom contact list, but if there are two contacts with the same name i have issues. Any ideas on how i can do this?

Nickel Contributor
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Re: ActFlexGrid access the Contact from a row

I'm not familiar with what is in the grid, but is there the underlying GUID in the grid anywhere, like in a hidden column? Otherwise, does the grid have a DataSource property? If so, hopefully it would be a DataTable object passed in, such that you could possibly pull data directly from it. If it doesn't show a DataSource property, it may still be there, but only accessible via reflection. Just my two cents.