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Act! SDK - Connection Query

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Act! SDK - Connection Query

I know practically nothing of the Act! SDK but have a client whom we have just upgraded from Act! 2011 to Act! v17.


They had previously built a plug-in for Act! using the SDK.


Post-upgrade, the plugin no longer works. They have asked me whether the connection to Act! would be different in the new version.


They have upgraded their middleware application to use ASP.NET Framework 4 – it was originally running on an earlier version of the Framework as the original ACT SDK dlls did not run on version 4.


They have included the new dlls from the Act! v17 SDK as the SDK no longer runs on a Framework earlier than 4.

It's all meaningless to me. Does anyone see something obvious that I can direct them to check?






Will Ingleby
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Re: Act! SDK - Connection Query

It may be a case of them just recompiling the plugin with the upgraded Framework and References

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