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Act! Pro "Share With" feature Support

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Act! Pro "Share With" feature Support

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Hi Act! community I'm new to the community and don't know if this is the proper place to post this question but I figured it is a good place to start, and maybe someone can tell me where I need to move it if so. 


Recently Act! Pro Version 16.3.11 has not allowed me to use the "share with" feature under history. Whenever I click on the thre (...) it freezes. Does anyone know a fix to this problem or have incurred the same problem.


Any insight from anyone into this would be grealty appeciated. Thank you community! 

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Re: Act! Pro "Share With" feature Support

i am sorry nobody from ACT replied.


it's odd. i'm sure i'll get yelled at for saying they are lame for ignoring you.


i don't get the need for the feature.  are you really having a need to do that?  could you give me a use case story?

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