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Act Premium for web Custom Dashboard

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Act Premium for web Custom Dashboard



I want to create Act premium for Web Custom Dashboard.


I followed the following line of code:-


Exercise 2: ACT! for Web Custom Dashboard Control

Task 1: Create the Web Dashboard Control

1. Run Visual Studio.NET

2. File | New | Project, select C# under Project Types, and select Class


3. Name the Project Act.WebDash and hit OK

4. Make sure this is a .NET 2.0 targeted project

5. Add a reference to Act.Web.Controls and System.Web

6. Add the following namespace references:

using System.Web.UI.HtmlControls;

using Act.Web.Controls.Layouts;

7. Add a class, name it DashboardComponent

8. Make this class derive from WebDashboardComponent

9. Override the following properties:

class DashboardComponent : WebDashboardComponent


public override string RenderDetailAreaHTML()


return "Hellow world";


public override string HeaderText


get { return string.Empty; }



10. Add post build steps to copy the dll to the Tools directory (you can

copy post build steps from the previous project)


but i am not able to find WebDashboardComponent class.

I have take reference to Act.Web.Controls ,but this dll does not contain WebDashboardComponenet class.


If any bode have created Custom Dashboard for ACT WEB,then please help me how to create it.