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Act! OLE DB SQL string

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Act! OLE DB SQL string

Sorry for the newbie question, I wondered how you paste a SQL select string into the OLE DB box in Excel?  I used the example in the knowledgebase to set up the OLE DB connection, then just picked the company table from the available list. This worked fine, returning all my company records.  I then tried to paste in a more complex sql select statement copied from the SQL Chart component SQL builder. I changed the command type from table to sql, then pasted in the following:


Select contact.COMPANY As Company, contact.CONTACT As Contact, contact."LAST_E-MAIL" As "Last Email", contact.LAST_REACH As "Last Reach", contact.LAST_RESULTS As "Last Results" From contact Order By contact."LAST_E-MAIL" Desc


This resulted in "initialization of the data source failed"


What did I do wrong?