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Act Framework - slow logon

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Act Framework - slow logon



I am developing a Web application that imports data from Act 10 (2008) using the SDK.


1. The LogOn method takes 2 or 3 seconds to complete, so it's slowing down the application.

I've tested many situations (Windows XP, Windows 2003, with or without the PAD file as parameter) but it seems I cannot reduce the logon time.

Question: How can I improve the logon speed?


2. A faster way to read data is using the Act! OLE DB Provider for Reporting but when using on the production environment (Windows Server 2003 R2) it crashes (faulting module actoledb.dll). This method works on Windows XP, though.

Question: Any idea how to make Act! OLE DB work on Windows 2003 Server?


P.S. I am disappointed by the Sage phone support - I called from Eastern Europe and I was forwarded from one operator to another for at least half an hour and I wasn't able to talk someone about my technical problems.


Thank you in advance for help,


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Re: Act Framework - slow logon



I can't speak to your logon issues, that's probably something an Act Certified Consultant could address.  As for getting the OLE DB Provider running in Server 2003 R2, you may want to post a code example.  I've used the OLE DB Provider in the past without issue on that version of Windows Server.



Jason L. van Brackel
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Re: Act Framework - slow logon

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The OLE DB Provider crashes my Excel when importing data, so it's not code related (I think it's a local issue). My only option remains the framework.


Since I'm developing a Web application, I moved the logon in the Global.asax file (Application_Start), so it is executed only one time (I save the ActFramework variable in the Application state) - problem solved.


Thank you for your response and I hope my solution will help others.


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