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Act! Framework gives +1 as country code, I expect it to be +31

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Act! Framework gives +1 as country code, I expect it to be +31

We have an add-on which calls an external URL with a phone number from AcT!.

Therefore, it extracts the country code via the Framework:



// telNr is for example '612345678'

Act.Framework.Phones.PhoneNumber PhoneNum = actApp.ActFramework.PhoneManager.GetPhoneNumberFromString(telNr, contact);
telNr = $"+{PhoneNum.CountryCode.ToString()} {PhoneNum.FormattedNumber}";

// on the problem machine, telNr is now '+1 612345678'
// but in Act! it has '+31' as country code and 'free form' as format. (see 'screenshot 2.png')


So far so good, but we have one system on which it always returns '+1', regardless of what countrycode is listed in the phone number.

In the database it also is listed correctly as +31 (The Netherlands) as far as I can see (see attacment 'screenshot telnrs.png')


Also, the value in the country field 'Netherlands, the' matches that with the 31-value in the WIndows registry.


What else can be the culprit that Act! returns +1?


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