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Act.Framework.ProductVersionMismatchException was unhandled

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Re: Act.Framework.ProductVersionMismatchException was unhandled

I ran into this in my own development.  You have to have your executable marked "x86" and not "any CPU" if you are on a 64-bit Windows and want to in any way connect to the ACT! SDK, and this is not selectable/settable in the Express compilers.  I found I had two choices in my situation:


- go pay for and install one of the "real" Visual Studio versions that has the feature.  Visual Studio Standard 2008, or Professional or above will work.  This is what I did.

- after each compile, run the CorFlags.exe tool.  CorFlags yourpgm.exe /32BIT+.  You will need to download one of the free .NET Framework SDKs or Windows Vista or Windows 7 Platform SDKs from to get this utility - at least that is what I had to do.  The utility does not come with the Express compiler install or the base .NET Framework install.


Hope this helps.

Donald Egen

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Re: Act.Framework.ProductVersionMismatchException was unhandled

Thanks for the input - on a whim (and mainly because I can't get access to full-blown studio at the moment), I downloaded the Visual Studio 2010 RC and used that to target x86, which seems to do the trick.  I did find that I also had to target an earlier version of the .NET framework as well, as the early release of 4 seems to have some problems with the ACT .DLLs.


Thanks to all again for the suggestions, it got me on the right path at least, even if it would be nicer if it just worked with x64 without all the additional complications!


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Re: Act.Framework.ProductVersionMismatchException was unhandled

Hi Everyone,


I'm having some similar problems. I am doing development for our current instance of ACT!. We have the DB installed on a server and I am doing my development on my local Win 7 machine.


I have our current version of ACT (Premium 2008, Hoftix 1) installed on my Windows XP Mode Virtual. There are no current updates available for the application, however, the DLLs that I copied over from our server reflect version


I am getting the ProductVersionMismatchException when trying to connect to the DB in debug.


Any thoughts on


a) What is causing the error?

b) What I can do to resolve?



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Re: Act.Framework.ProductVersionMismatchException was unhandled

I no longer have a 2008 version installed, but I still had the GAC folder laying around on my desktop. The version # for Act.Framework appears as, might want to check the version that's installed on the server and see if it matches the version your developing against.


Also be sure the targeted CPU is x86.

Matthew Wood
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Re: Act.Framework.ProductVersionMismatchException was unhandled

In vb express 2008 you can target x086 by editing the .vbproj file in notepad.



Just above the first



Presumably you do something similar in


And, oh I was glad when I worked out that was the problem.


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