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Act For Financial Professionals

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Act For Financial Professionals

I am a financial planner with 25 years of experience in my field.  I don't have 25 years of experience in software.  While I find much of Act for financial professionals useful, I don't find it at all user friendly when it comes to customization. 


For instance, the machinations one has to go through to do simple things like changing the name of a data base, add rows or columns in certain tabs, removing tabs, or changing the order they are in, is rediculous. 


 As I explained to the tech person that was helping me,  I have a business to run and clients to serve.  For me to have to spend more than 30 seconds to accomplish any of the above items and more is a waste of my time.  In addition the certified ACT consultants charge exhorbitant fees and require I take time away from my business to get what I want done to ACT.


If you really want to create a datat base program which will be really useful to a financial advisor then contact me.  I'll be more than happy to let your development team know in fact what we need to be able to use ACT in a helpful way.