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Act Application/Templates

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Act Application/Templates

Hi All

firstly, please forgve me if this is not the correct place to post this question.


We have ACT v 11 on our Widows server for 5 users.    We want to try and find an application that enables us to keep records of contracts / licence renewals / support service renewals for our clients.  The aim is for each client of ours who may have any number of different renewal services with us, we want to hold information on when the renewal is due, old price, new price, description, supplier, contract numbers etc etc.


The aim is to use it to manage the renewals and administration of our business.


If anyone knows of an application that cna do this, please can you let me know. 

Anybody wanting more info.



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Re: Act Application/Templates


I sounds like a custom table would do what you want... there are a number of solutions out there, we (DMC) have one and are a UK based company, Durkin Computing and Topline both have one and are based in the USA.  If you need more info give me a shout.



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Re: Act Application/Templates

G'day mate!  I've just implemented exactly the same thing - 5 users with a software & hardware serivces contracts, serial number tracking, support call tracking, etc.  After a fair bit of evaluation, I purchassed 5 copies of a product called TopLineDesigner, which allows for relatively easy creation of custom tables and sub-tables that can be related. Out of the box, it contained several templates that were 'good enough' for our needs, and I found it easy to customise their tech support template to include our serial number and 3rd-party support call tracking features.

The thing I really like about TopLineDesigner is that it allows you to add .net code (I'm using as script behind the scenes. They even have a little 'code wizard' that cranks out the basics of the code and puts in the right event handlers. This has let me add some features to ACT that I did not expect (eg. auto calculation of postal zones, automatic updates of serial numbers from older ACT fields, running 'total time spent' for customer support, etc.  I've been able to do all that without having to use the ACT SDK. 

The one thing I am not overly happy with is TopLineDesigner's screen layout tool. It's 'good enough' but only just.

And, no, I'm not working for the folks at TopLine!  Just a happy camper.

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Re: Act Application/Templates

Hi, is this something that you can resell to other users ? or have you considered that..please let me know.