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Act 2010 Cleared Activity Flag

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Act 2010 Cleared Activity Flag

A client of ours upgraded to Act 2010 a few months ago.  They had custom Crystal Reports created for their older version of Act.  These reports no longer worked and couldn't be used so they asked us to recreate them in MSAccess.  We were able to link ODBC to the ACT SQL data and create these reports.  They are now asking for us to program a follow up date for activities on one of the reports.  We can't seem to figure this one out.


We want to show the earliest scheduled activity date that has not been cleared or deleted for a contact.  We've tested activities and we can't seem to figure out how to identify that an activity has actually been cleared.


For NON Recurring activities that are deleted (erased) we see the activity field "IsDeleted" gets updated to true (-1) if deleted or erased in Act.  If they clear an activity all we can then see a History record but do not see any data change in the activity table itself.  In some cases, the user may choose not to add the cleared activity to History.  In that case we do not have a History record.


Recurring activities are even more difficult to tell which activities have been cleared.


How can we identify uncleared open activities in Act table data?