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Accessing ACT from an ASP.NET Web Application

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Accessing ACT from an ASP.NET Web Application


I have read through most of the documentation provided by ACT and understand that I need to use the ACT Framework SDK to access ACT Database from a 3rd party Web Application.

I have created my Web Application, referenced the Assemblies and then used the following lines of code to initiate the framework.

 ActFramework f = new ActFramework();


I understand that I can provider username, password, database host and database name to access the database. However, I was trying to understand how I can setup the Database to be accessible from the outside.


Is there a way I can host the ACT Database on a separate box on a public IP? Given that my Web application resides on a separate server (hosted on GoDaddy), I would need to access the ACT database via a Public IP right?


If so, the username, password, host and database name provide the connection string info?


My apologies if this sounds lame, but I haven't installed ACT, our customer has it installed and wants to integrate it with a Web App so I was wondering what steps were involved in accessing the DB.


Thank You,