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Who has worked the most with APFW add-ons? What was your results if you try to use the native dialogs?


I am using an ASP button to call the my javascript

<asp:Button ID="btnOpenEntityPicker" runat="server" Text=" Open Picker" OnClientClick="openContactPicker()" />


which in turn calls the EntityPickerControls.js funtion 'openSelector'.


function openContactPicker() {
var xml = getXml("GetCustomTableContacts", CurrentEntityID);
var retval = openSelector(CurrentSubEntityID, 'false')

All is good, APFW brings forward the "Select Contacts" dialog.

The dialog return the string of the dialogue results like "OK" or "Cancel" in the retval


Here is my question....


After the dialog returns "OK how do I get the array of the selected ContactIDs 


It seems reusing the native dialog will be a better experience for the end user all around. 


-- JIm Durkin

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