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ACT for web - Add Custom Tab with SDK

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ACT for web - Add Custom Tab with SDK

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I downloaded the SDK for ACT! Premium For Web 2007 (9.0), and have been working on trying to develop a plugin. I'm still at the beginning pretty much. I set up my environment, created a Class Library, and since the auto-generated class was in VB, I just stuck with that. I added references to the Act.Web.Controls and Act.Web.Framework dlls from the APFW/bin/ folder. I was following the SDK, for generating a custom tab. The SDK says:


In Init(), use the UILayoutManager.AddCustomTabProvider() method to provide ACT! Premium for Web with a callback function used to initialize the tab. For example:


Act.Web.Controls.Layouts.UILayoutManager.AddCustomTabProvider(Act.Web.Controls.Layouts.LayoutType.Contacts, new Act.Web.Controls.Layouts.UILayoutManager.CustomTabProvider(this.ServeCustomTab));



Well, I went and attempted to do that, but Visual Studio is giving me an error on




Saying 'LayoutType' is not a member of 'Layouts'.


It's also giving me an error on


new Act.Web.Controls.Layouts.UILayoutManager.CustomTabProvider(this.ServeCustomTab)


Saying that Act.Web.Controls.Layouts.UILayoutManager.CustomTabProvider is not defined.


I was looking with the autocomplete, and these aren't listed. It lists up to Act.Web.Controls.Layouts on the first, without a LayoutManager, and it lists up to Act.Web.Controls.Layouts.UILayoutManager on the second.


Anyway, I was wondering if someone could help me figure out how to set up a new tab in ACT! using the SDK. I'd really appreciate it. It seems that my SDK and my DLLs aren't matching up.


Thanks a lot for reading!

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