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ACT for Web - Redirect to a user after logon

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ACT for Web - Redirect to a user after logon

I'm hoping someone can shed a bit of light if what I am hoping to do is possible.

After a sepcific user has logged on to the ACT for Web database I need them to be redirected to a spefic .aspx page so that I can limit what they see with menus and other funtionality.

I feel like I should be able to create a plugin for ACT for Web that inherits from the IWebPlugin interface and then in the init method look at the session's logged in username and if it matches the criteria then send them to my custom .aspx page.

Just hoping someone can point this rookie in the right direction before I waste too much time.

Thanks for any help.

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Re: ACT for Web - Redirect to a user after logon

It can probably be done.  There aren't very many of us that have done Act! for Web development so it wouldn't surprise me if you don't get much in the way of a response.  Hopefully someone else has done something similar to what you have done and will reply to your post.  I just didn't want you to feel insulted if no one answered.  Of hand I don't know of anyone who has done what you want to do.  That being said it can probably be done.  Since you mentioned inheritance I'm going to guess that you know a little bit about programming already.  There are a few examples of Act! for Web apps in the various SDKs.



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