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ACT Synchronization

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Re: ACT Synchronization

@GLComputing wrote:
Pretty sure SyncML was just for mobile devices ... and not really that reliable

Here are the usual ways to read/write:

Unless you need unusual requirements or live data transfers, you'll find doing the AS400 to ACT! via itImport and just building the reverse path to be the simplest way

Mr. Lazarus


Thank you for the suggestions.  I have those types of systems to do all the time so am familiar with the ideas.  They work fine but was just trying to get something that did not require all the work that those types of importing and extracting brings with them.


Actually, SyncML is only a message format implementing a protocol, like telnet, ftp, ssh etc...  so it would be more the implementation that was unreliable if you ask me.  With all the excellent technical people working on ACT! am sure they would not say that.  So it might be the case of jumping in and figuring it out with a little helping foot from those excellent ACT! techies.  We could all benefit from it.  Something new learned for the day.  Unless of course they come back and do say Jim Buttons I have already told you once that it won't do what you want so please do not keep asking.


To me whether it is a mobile device, pc, toaster or any external XX could be considered a device as long as the protocol is implemented and they can talk to each other which is what I thought the Synchronization api's in the framework would allow me to do.


We were trying to get as live as possible with as little time lapse as possible with data syncs.


Thank you for suggestion of itimport but already have code that does basically the same thing from other systems developed.  Of course after saying that you will say then "Jim Buttons why are you asking on this list"?  So let me say that it was because I thought the technology existed in ACT! to do that from what we read.  Lot's of flexibility, which every techie likes.  When the boss says check into it, you check into it or have a very good answer for why.  With a recession just not in the U.S. you could find someone else sitting in your chair in a few days time :-)


Thank you for the great responses Mr. Lazarus.  I am still not giving up hope that it can be done :-)


Jim Buttons 

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Re: ACT Synchronization

Re SyncMl being mobile ... this was it's original purpose (although has been used more widely since then). It's also the only area it was used ... and not even for that in current builds.

ACT! isn't really for techie stuff (to much support)...

For writing to ACT!, itImport (or your code) can do it on an hourly schedule. There are some pitfalls if doing it in a sync environment.

Reading can be scheduled ... if, if needed live, a Plugin can detect events on changes and send them ... this is much more complex in a sync environment, or if needing email history or using other addons that update the data (eg phones)