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ACT SDK Capabilities - New Customer?

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ACT SDK Capabilities - New Customer?

We are currently using another CRM with a custom [VB6] plugin and are looking to migrate to a new platform for maintainability and a better licensing model. We feel ACT is suitable but I would like to ask some folks here technical questions on what we should look forward to. It's a "chicken and egg" to try and test without buying the software - I can tell my client ACT suitable based on documentation but I would feel much more comfortable asking you all.
1. Does Symantec easily support importing contact notes (not just the contacts)?
2. Is the Symantec data easily accessible and normalized in a database, or is it obfuscated in someway?
3. Does the API support client-side plugins (compiled DLL)?
4. What language are the plugins developed with? (VB, C#.Net, VB6?!)
5. Does plugin system require deploying specific version of Microsoft .NET Framework?
6. Is the plugin system suitable for making additional connections and queries against a separate SQL database?
7. Are the user's credentials available to the plugin, to be passed along to access another system?
Our current system is composed of a plugin within Maximizer which uses the users credentials to make a second database connection to the accounting database. The plugin then uses contact IDs to perform queries against other database views to dynamically pull out relevant data. For example, this information could be distribution checks which are stored in accounting and can't be feasibly replicated or stored in the CRM. It's much more complicated than this because the data has to do with investments and other financial data but the bottom line is the data is far too complex to replicate into a CRM - it needs to be queried dynamically.
If devleopers and this community feels this is practical then we will happily be contacting ACT for licensing.
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Re: ACT SDK Capabilities - New Customer?

First off, it's a Sage product now, not a Symantec one =)

1. Yes, it's simple enough with the SDK, but it's also available in the normal import process included in the product.

2. It's fairly well normalized, but to use OBDC instead of OLEDB you need to purchase the SQL Reader utility to gain access to a read-only SQL password

3. The API doesn't control if this is supported or not, .Net does, and yes, it is


5. No, if Act is installed on a client machine, the correct build of .Net is already in place

6. Yes, I've written realtime AS/400 -> Act links, .Net (especially .Net 2.0 used in Act! 9 and 10 make this very simple

7. Not to my knowledge, but you could pull some fancy domain credential authentication instead

To sum up, the realtime data you are looking to pull in is pretty easy to do, you'd just have to handle the authentication in a slightly different manner, hope this helped you out, feel free to ask follow-up questions if you have any.
Nick Bohne
Effective Solutions, Inc.
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Re: ACT SDK Capabilities - New Customer?

Thank you very much for your answers! We should be good to go now. These answers really alleviate my concerns.
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Re: ACT SDK Capabilities - New Customer?

Hi Alex,


With my free MiddleWare SDK for ACT by Sage (2008 or above) you can instantly get the ACTOLEDB Connection string (and a whole lot more functionality) using the JobControl command "GOCS".


Of course the generated ACTOLEDB Connection string obviates the need to enter a username or password too!


And yes, you can write the software in VB6.


It's free and does not require any registration and can be downloaded from




Kevin Ritch