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ACT Database Access

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Re: ACT Database Access

I was actually replying to hysezr.  You can get into the ACT! SQL database using Windows Authentication but you have to be careful what you change by writing directly to the SQL database.


I don't have a CompanyWebContext Browser.  I think the one on devnet was written for an earlier version of ACT! so it needs to be tweaked a little bit to work with the current version.


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Re: ACT Database Access

thanks, wellmet.
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Re: ACT Database Access

Hi Hal,


The steps you typed are correct thats how I created my user and when you follow the steps which we discussed here to login to database ( with using application name specification ) you would be able to reach any data in the database I don't think you will need CompanyWebContext Browser..


And Stan I already made that mistake Smiley Happy but I deleted Database and ACT and reinstalled them now I'm back on track and developing my program thanks for the warning though Smiley Happy

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Re: ACT Database Access

Hi Hysezer,

Besides I develop web application in PHP to extend ACT, I want to integrate the webpage into ACT interface (as Tabs), which make our users feel no difference (from ACT's tab and tools). CompanyWebContextBroswer would allow me to get current Company's ID and then find extended company information from additional tables (company's sub-entity).

I find 'company' web component from the community, but not work fore. I want to amend 'contact' source code, cannot get through. Would you like to try company component ?