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ACT! 2013, Opportunity.Status removed from OLEDB2?

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Re: ACT! 2013, Opportunity.Status removed from OLEDB2?

Thought I would share my experience here in an effort to help anyone else who runs into this.


the status column has been somewhat added back to OLEDB2 as of ACT 2013 SP1, but the funtionality is limited.


the simplest of queries:

"SELECT * FROM opportunity"

     does not return the status column


"SELECT Top 10 * FROM opportunity WHERE status='Closed - Won' AND process ='sampleprocess'"

     works, but again, the status column is not returned


if you, as I did, think this meant more complicated queries would work, you're in for trouble.


SELECT opportunity.process, opportunity.status,, Sum(product_service.EXTENDED_AMT) AS TotalClosedWonSales FROM product_service INNER JOIN (opportunity_productservice INNER JOIN Opportunity ON opportunity_productservice.opportunityid = opportunity.opportunityid) ON product_service.PRODUCTSERVICEID = opportunity_productservice.productserviceid WHERE (opportunity.process='" & thisEvent & "' AND opportunity.status='Closed - Won') GROUP BY opportunity.process, opportunity.status,"


Fails with an error that the status field is unknown.


So this status fix is no fix, it just buries the chaged behaivior deeper.


my advice is to forget about the status column and revise you SQL to statusnum.