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ACT 11.1 beta testing

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ACT 11.1 beta testing

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I only got notification of the 11.1 beta last week and I was never given any access to the beta forum.

I sent a couple bug emails to ACTBeta@Sage yesterday. On one auto-response stated the beta was closed.

Please tell me this is not true since during my limited testing I have come across a couple of error.

This one below would be a show stopper. In ACT! 10.2/11.0 this function returns a single custom entity.

After instaler 11.1 this return null.

public static CustomSubEntityDurkin GetCustomSubEntityDurkinByGuid(System.Guid entityguid, CustomSubEntityManager<CustomSubEntityDurkin> manager) { try { CustomEntityList<CustomSubEntityDurkin> SubItemList = manager.GetCustomEntitiesByID(null, new System.Guid[] { entityguid }); if (SubItemList.Count != 0) { return SubItemList(0); } else { return null; } } catch (Exception ex) { throw; } return null; }


// With just a few more minutes of testing I found another issue. The code below now return count = 0 when in ACT! 10.2/11 it returned the entire entitylist. count != 0. 



{ CustomEntityList<CustomSubEntityDurkin> ReturnList = EntityManager.GetCustomEntities(SortCriteria, FilterCriteria); }


All of this testing is on a new DB created in ACT 11.1 since all of my current DB updates threw errors and could

not update to 11.1 schema. I have tried updating many db on multiple machines with the same sad outcome.

I vote strongle for a beta refresh.


-- jim durkin

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Re: ACT 11.1 beta testing

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Reported and Logged.


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