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Source to Outlook inside of ACT! control

Nickel Elite Contributor
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Source to Outlook inside of ACT! control

Here is the source code for the Outlook inside of ACT! component/control posted earlier.  The Bin\Release folder includes a new build of the component against my ACT! v11 install.  If you had issues with the previous control try the new build if you have an ACT! v11 install.


A few notes about this component:

You can add this as a control on a contact detail view tab (see screen shot) - you'll need to add a custom field called "EmailFilterOverride" to ACT! so the filter value can be stored per contact (you can change this in the code within the OutlookViewControl.cs the constant is EFT_FIELD_NAME).


The control view has a button labeled Add to History - you'll notice in the code that the method call to save the message to file is commented out, so effectively the button doesn't actually serialize the message at current (though it does flag the record in Outlook). 


If anyone wants to take up the task of  saving the message and inserting into history please repost your code here - in the mean time I won't have a chance to get back into this code for a few weeks.