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Social Mention widget for ACT!

Nickel Elite Contributor
Posts: 937
Country: USA

Social Mention widget for ACT!

I ran across the social mention widget and quickly made an html page which lets the widget be used by the Context Browser controls.  


The control is interactive and kind of nice to work with, so it adds a bit of fun to ACT! and brings in relevant Social media information from a variety of sources.


Attached is the html file - you do NOT have to host this file on IIS - just put it anywhere on your local system and point the Target URL of your browser control to the file ala:


C:\Program Files\ACT\Act for Windows\Home\Socialwidget.html?qry={Contact.Company} 


Notes:   1.  I copied the html to my home directory in ACT! but you can have the file located anywhere locally

 2.  you have to use the construct socialwidget.html?qry= in order to pass the context to the control - otherwise the control just starts doing a general search and popping up all kinds of stuff.

3.  The html is all javascript - most from Social Mentions Widget site - I added the function to parse the query string, so no guarantees on work there (though the function is used in other projects and works well there) feel free to modify and repost suggestions here.



On my first pass this doesn't work in the web info feature - it looks like that control doesn't like looking at local paths vs http:// paths.  if you wanted to use this in the web info feature tab I'm sure you could - just publish the html on a web server and address it appropriately.


 Would like to hear thoughts on this control.

Nickel Elite Contributor
Posts: 937
Country: USA

Re: Social Mention widget for ACT!

Update - this html file will work in the Web Info feature of ACT! 2010 with a couple of caveats:


1.  Avoid UNC paths with spaces

2.  Switch backslashes to forward slashes (the parser automatically determines this is a file path and prefixes the file:/// to the request)




C:/Socialwidget.html?qry={Contact.User 7}