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Schema and tables for 10.03

Nickel Elite Contributor
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Schema and tables for 10.03

Does anyone have this available?  Thanks, Brenda Dixon
Brenda Dixon
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Re: Schema and tables for 10.03

I have been attempting to integrate the ACT! database with a VB.NET application.  I have discovered a simple way to iterate through table fields in ACT! and write the field names to the output window.  Hopefully, the following will help you.


Private Sub WriteFields()

Dim cFields As ContactFieldDescriptor() = framework.Contacts.GetContactFieldDescriptors()

Dim cField As ContactFieldDescriptor

Dim cList As ContactList


cList = framework.Contacts.GetContacts(Nothing)


Dim i As Integer

 For i = 0 To cFields.Length - 1

cField = cFields.GetValue(i)

Console.WriteLine("TBL_CONTACT: ", cField.ColumnName)


 Catch ex As Exception


End Try

End Sub


The same code will work to get the field names from Company if you change Contact to Company.  You will have to log in to the database through code as according to the ACT! SDK before you will be allowed to extract information. 


Private framework As New ActFramework()

Private ActServer As String = "ACTServer"  ' Name of the ACT! server

 Private ActDatabase As String = "Act9Demo"  ' Name of the instance of ACT! on the server without file extension

framework.LogOn(UserName, UserPassword, ActServer, ActDatabase)


The names of the tables are TBL_CONTACT, TBL_COMPANY, TBL_???


Hope this helps some.