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SMS Control sample code

Nickel Elite Contributor
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SMS Control sample code

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This is the source code for a sample custom control which pulls the mobile number for a contact record and sends a SMS (and records to history the send if selected).


This is purely a didactic example - the code as is comments out an example SMS gateway integration.  I've tested the code against the SMS gateway service in the sample (Cdyne) and it works fine, but that is meant as a place holder for someone to implement their own SMS service interface.



 The code shows a few things:


How to set a property of a custom control to an ACT! specific enumeration (History Type)

How to pull data from the current contact context (plenty of samples of that already out there)

How to create a custom control which is a collection of controls (I use panel here then add other controls)

How to integrate with an external service

How to create a history from a custom control


If someone has a free SMS gateway they can recommend I'll be happy to wire it up and post a compiled assembly people can use here.




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Re: SMS Control sample code

Hi Alan,


I will take a look at your code and give it some thought.


I previously developed an SMS Add-on for the earlier versions of ACT! called the

ACT Mobile Messenger which is available for $29.00 on most shareware sites including CNET.


However, recently I have ported this to the latest generations of ACT! Software using .NET


Please take a look when you get a chance as I would be intersted in your feedback.


Kind regards



Duane Morrison Smith
ACT Mobile Messenger
Phone: +61 (0417) 498 635
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Duane Morrison Smith
ACT Mobile Messenger

+61 (0417) 498 635