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Null reference in setEntityNameinToolbar

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Null reference in setEntityNameinToolbar

[ Edited ]

In the setEntityNameinToolbar in the MutableEntitytDetals.js code there is an error in the GROUP section.

The first time here the lblEntityName is null. Looks like you had seen this before hence the commented out code.


function setEntityNameinToolbar() {
// if (lblEntityName != null)


case "Group":
var groupfield = document.getElementById("VEJMX0dST1VQLk5BTUU="); //group field
if (groupfield == null && parent != null) {
groupfield = parent.document.getElementById("VEJMX0dST1VQLk5BTUU=");
if (groupfield != null)
document.getElementById(lblEntityName).innerText = groupfield.value;


// }




Not sure of the long term issue but still thought you'd like to fix.



-- Jim Durkin

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Re: Null reference in setEntityNameinToolbar

really sucks when nobody will reply to stuff like this

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