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Intelligent Web page nav from ACT!

Nickel Elite Contributor
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Intelligent Web page nav from ACT!

We'll be posting the controls we showed at Insights over the next few weeks, thanks to feedback on all items.  We'll be posting both V11 and ACT! 2010 versions of any controls where possible and marking them as such.  In some cases the same control/plugin will work across versions.


One item that is version agnostic and available now is the intelligent Web Info navigator shown at the booth.


 What we showed was that after importing a contact from Facebook - since we have that friends direct Facebook page link in the contact record, when we're on the web info tab when we select Facebook for this contact go right to the link instead of searching for the name.


Attached is an page that receives 2 parameters - the facebook URL link and a contact's name then redirects to the facebook page when present or searches on name when the link is not available.


If you copy these to a published virtual directory on a webserver you can change the Facebook URL in the web info control (in ACT! 2010) or the Contact Context Web Browser Control (in v11)  to something like:




This is a good example on how to apply intelligent web search via these web browser controls in ACT! - for example - search weather by zip code if the address is in the US or city name if the country is Australia.  If there are any questions on how this works let me know and I'll put up an example web page you can use to get a hang of what this does.


More example controls coming soon!