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Dynamic Label Control - Contact view

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Re: Dynamic Label Control - Contact view

Right, thanks for that. I do not have VS, and no nothing about it. Would it be possible for Allen or yourself to make the requested changes and publish a DLL that I can use ?
Regards, Phil
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Re: Dynamic Label Control - Contact view

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Is it possible to test custom fields? I have used this in my current layout and it works fine when I test the "Company" field. However if I try to test the field I just created called "Service" then nothing shows up, not even the false value when I set it to show when false.


Also, is it possible to customize the output text rather than just showing the contents of the field?

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Re: Dynamic Label Control - Contact view

Hi am sorry this may be a lame question but if we use this will we be able to make the status of all of our contacts different colors based on how they are coded


Example gray is for clients who do not want to be contacted

Red is for those who have a current shipment out

black for No new busines

blue for potential

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Re: Dynamic Label Control - Contact view



I think you'll need the Advanced Label control I posted in this thread (look for a post around July of 2011).  That control lets you pick a different field to show from the one you are testing, and it has options for 3 differnt values to test for.


It's a little more complex to setup but I think that's the control you'll want to use.

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Re: Dynamic Label Control - Contact view


There are custom controls in this forum you can download for free and code to your exact specifications.


But if you are looking for an pre-coded add-on check out Impact Suite v5. It has an advanced math functions builder where you can change the background color of the current contact, company, group or opportunity based on multiple conditions,


Here is an example of how to change the color based on the ID/Status field. 

Change background color


You do need to purchase a license of Impact Suite so this is not a free option. Learn More



Hope this helps

-- Jim Durkin