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Contact Context Web Browser - Source Code

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Contact Context Web Browser - Source Code

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Source Code for Version 1.1 which enhances on the initial ContactWebContextBrowser and adds some key features.
The most visible feature is a custom designer. Adding the control to a layout will automatically popup a custom designer form... 

This is the "source code" download for the ContactCOntextWebBrowser control.  It does not include the binaries.  if you want to just use the control (rather than look at the source code to see how it was done), then download the binaries from here:
If you are interested in the code however...This is the download for you

The “Contact Web Context Browser” is a custom control that you can use in ACT! to view unstructured data, often available on external web sites, which may pertain to your current contact.

For example, imagine that you had need to display information such as a map to the contact’s address, or do an automatic search on the customer name on sites such as Google, Linked-In, Hoover etc.  The Contact Web Context browser control allows you to droop a web browser control on the Contact Layout and to configure that to call a URL.  The URL you configure the control with can have embedded in it Contact Filed Names, and these will be replaced at run time with the field values (sort of like a mail merge on the fly).
For example, suppose the URL to your favorite mapping web site was: (example only)
By experimenting with different searches on the site, you may discover that the address fields can be passed on in the URL such as:{Contact.Address 1}+{Contact.City},+{Contact.State}
Configuring the custom control with this URL will actually replace the fields (Address 1, City and State) with the values from the contact record and fetch that URL and display it in the control window.
Key Features
  • Flexible configuration - type in any URL you need - external or internal
  • URL Template Support.  If you use a number of URLs often, you can add these to an XML file and have URL templates easily available from the layout Designer to configure the control
  • Internet Explorer compatible.  Since the control is a .net control which is a decedent of the .net browser control, it is compatible with Internet Explorer

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Re: Contact Context Web Browser - Source Code

Can any one provide CompanyContextWebBrowser-SourceCode? I am using ACT2011/12, will upgrade to 2013 soon.


Many thanks.