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Configurable Button Control

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Re: Configurable Button Control

In hockey speak

"kick save & a beauty"

why isn't something like this part of the core, eh?
Tom David Moxam
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Re: Configurable Button Control



Any chance of getting the source on this forum soon?




Don Egen

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Re: Configurable Button Control

On a sample of 1... it's not working in the desktop install of Sage ACT! 2012 Premium for Web.

What I'm wanting to do is have a button "Support"

that does a CTRL-T (creates the Todo), enters "New support request" on the regarding line, then switches to the detail tab.


So I'm just trying the first step, getting the CTRL-T to work.

I've used ^t and sendkeys is enabled. But nothing happens.


This is the desktop install, not the APFW. (Would it work there? That would be great).

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Re: Configurable Button Control

This should work in your layout - I just set this up on my Sage ACT! 2012 APFW windows installation and it pops up the Activity creation with the Activity type of a To Do.


This control only works on the windows client - I haven't developed the web interfaces to make it also work on the APFW client.


A couple of observations - if you want to have UI prefilled with data and other UX changes (like tab focused changed) this source probably isn't the best method to do this.  You can write a button control that directly raises the UI, a custom UI, or other options in a more efficient way than using send keys.  


Please realize this control was built to be generic so the methods used (like SendKeys) favor configuration but are not the best methods for more specific customization requirements.



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Re: Configurable Button Control

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Re: Configurable Button Control

Why don't I have access to the post above? "Access Denied"

Geoffrey B. Boulden
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Re: Configurable Button Control

Because it was a spam post that was removed. I believe the text in Griegs post is auto-generated.

Matthew Wood
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Re: Configurable Button Control

Source code is what I'm looking for - this would have been a prefect sample to use as a starting point for my next Act development task.


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Re: Configurable Button Control

so , isnt it possible to run the button under APFW client ? i can use it on both act premium and act premium web local instal but as i open web client there is no button on contact layout . ( i copied dll both to tools local instal and apfw folder but still nothing.

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Re: Configurable Button Control

source code? pretty please? Smiley Happy