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ACT! Guids

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ACT! Guids

I want to ask. Is ACT! Guids are total unique? I want to know is there a possipility what two Contacts in different copies of ACT! on different computers will have same ID?
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Re: ACT! Guids

When creating new Contacts (or Groups, or any other type of record), GUIDs should not be the same, they should be unique.  If you happen to encounter such an collision, go out and buy a lottery ticket that day as they likelihood is so very low Smiley Wink
You CAN get two Contact records the same in two different database in the following manners:
  • You save a copy of the db (File>Save Copy As)
  • Backup, then Restore As another database
  • Import/Export - if a new Contact is created in the target, if memory serves correct it retains the source GUID as its primary key value

So, why do you ask?  Did you encounter this?

Bill Blakey
ACT! Development Team
Sage Software